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From: Charles Anthony Bates
To: Shelly Guo, fay, eric Sent: 2021年03月05日
Dear Shelly, Fay and Eric,  Thank you so much for the support!  Globy Pets was so professional and a great pleasure to work with. You were equally competent in getting the dogs from Denmark to China and in getting them back to Denmark again 😊  I am so grateful  for your assistance! Thanks to you, the dogs are safe and sound back in Denmark.  Sincerely / Med venlig hilsen Charles Anthony Bates
From: Pinenova
To: Shelly Guo, eric Sent: 2021年04月30日
Hi Shelly and Eric  Thank you so much for helping me with the relocation of Siena from China to Singapore. You have been extremely helpful during this entire journey. From my first enquiry email to Eric till Siena safely arrived in Singapore, it has been only one month. It is amazing what you have achieved, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. I sincerely thank you for the effort you have put into this task. I especially appreciate the promptness of your reply to all my emails and your willingness to accommodate my logistic requirements. All communication from Shelly is always concise, thoughtful and to the point. This client centric approach taken by your team has given me the very confidence needed for accomplishing Siena’s challenging relocation. In addition, the transparency in your process and fees has earned my respect. You are not profiting from information asymmetry, rather, you build your competitiveness on the service itself. This is admirable. Especially when most pet relocation agents in China I encountered bluntly told me that they do not want to waste time sharing information with me since how to handle the relocation is top business secret. As information asymmetry is only temporary, and China is moving towards a much more transparent and matured society, with your excellent level of service, your business will only grow.  I will definitely recommend your service to all my friends. You deserve to be known by more.  Attached please find pictures of a relaxed Siena taken at the quarantine centre 😊  br Siling
From: Roxana Barreras
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2021年04月16日
Hello Shelly,  Just letting you know that the cats have arrived safely. They are now adapting to their new home. Thanks a lot for your help.
From: Mindy Rose
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2021年04月08日
Thanks very much, Shelly! Be well. We are so happy to have Dudley home. We are grateful for you. 
From: K Ng
To: Daisy, Eric Sent: 2021年01月27日
Hello Daisy/ Sachi/ Shirley- a really big thank you to all of you! ZZ has safely reunited with me at around 7pm today, and I am glad to report that he is actually more lively than he was when in Singapore. i guess being cooped up for almost 18 hrs made him pretty restless. Again many thanks for all the help… i have marked all of you as ZZ’s Angels, and when the day comes when i start writing a book of my life experiences i will be sure to feature all of you! Stay safe, happy and positive…may the barks and meows be with you always…
From: Aron Gold
To: Daisy Sent: 2021年09月11日
And thank you too and your team in Chengdu and Beijing for handling this! Fufu is great, and I'm thankful you were able to clean her up a bit before I received her. We're taking her for a bath and haircut today, and to see the vet for the first time. I really appreciate it!
From: Lorna Wong
To: Shelly Sent: 2020年12月05日
Dear All,Thank you all for your kind help in getting Toto to London. It had been a most worrying time for us as most services had either been closed or temporarily unavailable. We are so glad that we have finally pulled it off. Much appreciated & thank you all for making this possible. Best,Lorna
From: Antoine Mousselon
To: eric, Shelly Guo Sent: 2020年12月05日
Dear All,Jing Jing has finally arrived in his new home. He’s in good health. Thank you for making his journey smooth and safe.We wish you a great weekend  Kind regards,Antoine Mousselon
From: Ben Tipton
To: Shelly Guo, Eric Tam Sent: 2020年11月06日
Dear Shelly and Eric,Thank you so much for reuniting us with Bowie and Luna. With all the chaos and uncertainty this year, your patience and support in ever changing situations has been brilliant. The cats are doing brilliantly and have settled into their new home as if they've always been here. Thank you again.  Best wishes, Ben and Jenny 
From: Philip Wu
To: Shelly Guo, eric Sent: 2020年12月02日
Hi Shelly,Ringo is now all settled in the quarantine center. Many thanks for your help! Philip Wu
From: Manas Naik
To: eric, shelly Sent: 2020年10月31日
Hi Eric & team, We very Well received our dog today...and were happy to see him finally after long long time.Thank you so much for all your efforts. Regards,Manas
From: Stephen Crook
To: Shelly Guo, eric Sent: 2020年08月09日
Hi Shelly,Just to let you know that Marley finally arrived home yesterday - happy and healthy!   He passed all his document checks/entry requirements but then took a long time finally get released from the LHR animal reception. So he spent a night with Fetchapet, near London, before taking the 4/5 hour drive to our home.       Thanks again to you and everybody at Globy for all your help when Marley first came to China, while he was here (helping us get that first dog licence!) and finally handling all the export arrangements, which were especially challenging due to the COVID situation.  Attached a picture All the best Stephen
From: Alessia Giagiakos
To: shelly, eric, daisy Sent: 2020年08月17日
Good morning, Shelly, I hope you are doing well. I'm finally back home with Merlino and White Socks and now that we are all together, we are doing very well! Thank you again for your wonderful assistance! Globy helped us relocate our cats in the midst of a pandemic when everything was confusing, uncertain, and very hard to manage. And yet, your service has been absolutely outstanding. My husband and I couldn't have asked for more or hoped for a better team to handle the relocation. You were always patient, reliable, professional, and very understanding and you were always ready to answer all our questions: you are by far the best company we've ever hired. We will most certainly be happy to recommend Globy to anybody needing the same service in China.  We thank you again from the bottom of our heart and we wish you all the best. Alessia, John, Merlino & White Socks Alessia Borin
From: Joanna Stevens
To: daisy Sent: 2020年08月26日
Dear Theresia and Daisy We are thrilled to have Banjo home with us in Shanghai. We appreciate it takes many people to coordinate his safe arrival and we are grateful to each and every one of you. Kind regards Joanna Stevens Ps: the kids are giving Banjo a bath
From: Leigh Rutene
To: Daisy Sent: 2020年10月01日
Thank you everyone, Ziggy has arrived safely
From: minki
To: Daisy Sent: 2020年09月23日
Just met the driver. so happy to have Holly with us. thank you! Minki
From: Alex Martin
To: Daisy Sent: 2020年10月21日
Dear Daisy, Yes, he‘s okay.He‘s very happy to be together with us again.Thanks for your help getting Teddy into China.Have a nice evening. Best regards, Alexandra
From: Klemettinen Mika
To: Daisy Sent: 2020年11月11日
Dear all, Mikki is now - after 6 months of separation - at our Shanghai home after 3 days of traveling, seemingly still energetic and in good condition. Thanks to all of you for your help! Regards, Mika
From: Ville Lintervo
To: Daisy Sent: 2020年11月19日
Hello, After nerve wrecking wait...A big thank you for getting us together again. The joy is on both sides. Next time is going to be easier for us. Koko is good and is getting used to his new home and surroundings. Ville, Lucy & Inni
From: CutestCat InTheUniverse
To: Daisy Sent: 2020年12月29日
Nana arrived home safely. So happy to be reunited again. Thank you for all the hard work. We really appreciate it. Take care and if we need your service again we will contact you again. Wish you all the best. Best regards, Yoonsun Hur
From: Michelle Grim
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2020年03月11日
Hi Shelly, We picked up Bailey this morning and after a long ride we finally arrived home. Everything went well and they told me she did very good on the plane. I know I already said thank you allot but I really mean it when I say I’mgrateful for all the help you and all the others put in to get her home. So, thank you again!! Also, a massive thanks for the people who took care of her the last couple of months. Without the help of any of you I don't think I would have been able to get her home. So thank you! All of you!! Kind regards, Michelle
From: Audrey.
To: Jason's Pet Relocation (Singapore) , daisy Sent: 2019年12月8日
Hello Jason Team and Daisy from Globy, Hope you guys are having a great weekend because I sure am, with Blue by my side. My Mom and I would like to extend our Thanks, once again, to each and every one of you who have made this relocation possible. Your help and quick response to my queries are greatly appreciated and I can't find adequate words to show you guys how grateful I am for your help throughout this process. Have a merry Christmas! Sincerely, Jouyce and Audrey.
To: Shelly Guo, Eric Sent: 2019年12月11日
Hi Eric & Shelly, Sam is safely arrived. Thank you so much for your help! What a great team with dedicated support and care in every step! Without your help, Sam probably won’t be able to move back with the family. Once again, thank you! Sincerely, Kelly
From: Theresa Yannakou
To: Shelly Guo, Eric Sent: 2019年12月04日
Hi Shelly, Just to let you know that Aris finally arrived in Athens! He is fine and he is settling in very well at his new home. I would like to thank you for your great service and for taking good care of Aris. Best regards Theresa
From: Dane Nielsen
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2019年10月23日
Shelly, Apologies for not reaching out sooner, but I wanted to let you know, cinder arrived safely and is now happily at home. Thanks again for being flexible on the payment and taking such good care of cinder. Dane
From: Annie Howe
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2019年10月26日
Hello Ms. Guo, Henry and I made it successfully into America. Thank you for all your help. You’ve really made this moving experience easy. Annie Howe
From: Shadow Kung
To: shelly Sent: 2019年10月28日
Hey Shelly, Lucky is settling in nicely and enjoying life immensely Thank you so much for everything Regards Lizanne and Lucky
From: SY lim
To: Eric, Shelly Guo Sent: 2019年9月11日
Shelly/Eric, Thank you for your assistance with Geppe’s relocation. It all went as smoothly as I could have hoped. Please communicate expressly my special thanks to Andy for his attention and support. Regards Sim Yi
From: Buchanan, Jill
To: Daisy, Eric Sent: 2019年8月18日
Dear All, They have both arrive here safely, enjoyed a shower, walk and a little food. They are very tired, but happy to see us for sure. Thank you for your care and attention, we will be in touch when we repatriate in 3 years😊
From: Bianca Ehrenheim
To: daisy Sent: 2019年8月21日
Dear Daisy, I am thrilled that the transport and the arrival of Cilly have worked so well. We were very happy to be able to embrace Cilly again yesterday. She feels very comfortable in her new home here. We would like to thank you very much for the very good work and support, also to the entire team involved. Thanks a lot for everything. Best regards Bianca
From: Andrea Goodman
To: daisy, Lori Ankers Sent: 2019年8月3日
Dear All, I am delighted to announce that Mera& Dorje are now home in Mongolia. The cats seem good. They’re understandably rattled after their long journey, but are otherwise clean, vocal, and seemingly healthy. They’re already exploring their new space. Hearty thanks to each of you for making happy outcome possible! All my best,
From: Matt Brooks
To: Daisy Sent: 2019年8月15日
Hi Daisy, All sorted indie is home now. Thank you and your colleagues for looking after her and delivering to my apartment. Thanks Matt
From: Jason Mizell Stevens
To: Daisy Sent: 2019年8月19日
Dear Daisy and Elisa, Both cats are here and they are enjoying being together again. Thank you both for the help. Regards, Jason
From: Darren Donauer
To: Daisy Sent: 2019年8月23日
Hello Daisy, I can't believe how good Rasta looks and how happy she is!!! She normally doesn't travel well so your team must have gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one and it is truly appreciated!!! I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Darren
From: Justin Chamberlain
To: daisy Sent: 2019年8月19日
I just wanted to thank every single one of you for all your help and support in bringing Ollie and Ringo here. Both dogs are happily home and enjoying cuddles from the whole family. Again, thank you all so much for making this possible. Sincerely, Justin and Allison
From: teresa.valencak
To: Daisy, Eric Tam Sent: 2019年8月29日
dear Daisy and Eric, many, many thanks for all your efforts with getting me and Polly safe and well to our newhome in Hangzhou! We slept and are expecting new adventures from now…. many, many thanks also to Andy and his colleague driving us and Mr. Yang at the airport!
From: Rowan Bell
To: Daisy Sent:2019年3月12日
Hi Daisy Just wanted to say a big Thankyou for all your help with Izzy. She is home and doing fine! Best wishes Rowan
From: JenniferHopp
To: daisy Sent:2019年7月31日
Dear Daisy, Thank you so much for the photo and smooth arrival of Zoey into Shanghai! We are very grateful for your services. Sincerely, Jennifer
From: Ayal Beer
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2019年5月11日
Hi Shelly, Charlotte and Emily are settling into their new home. They are still learning to deal with the 4 cats which will be living with them but that is going well. They enjoy their new garden and going for walks around the neighborhood. Each day they get a little more settled in and they are very happy. I am very glad to have them here where they are safe and have many cousins to play with. We’ve not yet been to the beach as things are very busy. I will try to go sometime the coming week if possible. Enjoy your weekend. Eat and sleep well ;-) Ayal
From: Phil Wilsdon
To: Shelly Guo, Eric Tam Sent: 2019年6月14日
Hello Min and I were chatting. We are more than happy to provide a testimonial for you or something like that if you would like? Really happy that you helped us with San Yue and she has arrived safely into the UK Cheers
From: jsmitj
To: shelly Sent: 2019年6月14日
Hi Shelly Kitty & Dumpling arrived safely in the UK with no problems. They’re settling into their new home and getting comfortable. Thank you for all your assistance throughout the moving process for our cats. Regards Jonathan
From: Cassie Widders
To: shelly Sent: 2019年3月14日
Hi Shelly, We picked Otis up last night, and this morning he is absolutely fine! He's lost some weight but other than that, he's absolutely fine! I would just like to thank you so much for all you have done. We have been more than happy with your service, as well as your friendliness. Please let me know if there is anywhere, I can leave a review. Thank you so so much once again, all the best. Cassie
From: Peter Beairsto
To: shelly Sent: 2019年4月11日
Hi Shelly, both Poppy and I arrived in Vancouver in good shape. She was happy to be out of the kennel and smelling new smells! We are just waiting to board the last flight to Edmonton. Thanks again to you and your team for making the job so easy for us! Peter Beairsto
From: Jen D
To: shelly Sent: 2019年4月10日
hey shelly, just wanted to give you an update and let you know that Leia and I are in Canada well and reunited. I want to thank you and your team for your work and help throughout this process. I’m very grateful for it all. thank you so much. kind regards, Jen
From: Nikita D'mello
To: Shelly Guo, eric Sent: 2019年1月16日
Hi Eric/ Shelly/ Tom Miguel reached Ho Chi Minh City safely, yesterday. Thank you for working with such diligence at every step right from the initiation of the process to the health checkups and documents to even checking in Miguel at the airport. Appreciate the work and effort. Miguel is healthy and is running around and getting used to the change in temperature. Thanks once again and please do thank Andy as well. Best Regards Nikita Dmello
From: Ceci Funn
To: shelly,eric Sent: 2019年1月6日
Hi Shelly and Eric, Just want to send you a big THANK YOU for everything you did to make sure a safe trip for Zhaodi. He arrived at home yesterday! I really enjoy your professional arrangements. Everything went on so smoothly. Thank you again!
From: Jason Wong King Leong
To: Shelly Guo, Dennis Wong Sent: 2018年10月15日

Hi Shelly, Miki has arrived in Singapore. Thanks so much for your hard work these past few months. Give my thanks to Andy as well. Cheers, Jason
From: acqueline E. Hendricks
To: Shelly Guo, cmh17, eric Sent: 2018年10月18日

Hi Shelly- Dagny has been picked up by my family in Detroit. Thanks for your services! Regards, Jacki
From: Brice Raquin
To: Shelly Guo,eric Sent: 2018年10月18日

Good day Shelly, Eric, Again many thanks for your help and good care. Oreo arrived home safe and after some days of rehabilitation, is now running everywhere again. We would like to thank you for your professionalism and wish you good luck in your business to come. Again thank you very much for your professionalism and your kindness Émilie
From: Elaine Walton
To: Shelly Guo ;eric Sent: 2018年5月23日
Hello, Pipsley made it to Houston. Thank you to all of you who worked so diligently on getting him to the US. We really appreciate everything you did to make the relocation successful. Elaine
From: Moira McNally
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2018年5月21日
Hello Shelly, Arya was delivered home safely. Thank you! Best, Moira
From: Taylor Plunkett
To: Shelly Guo ; eric Sent: 2018年7月24日
Hello everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone again for delivering our Ollie safe and sound back to Canada. He’s settling in now after a long journey. All the best to everyone! Cheers, Taylor Plunkett
From: Hoffet Alexander EDA HFF
To: Shelly Guo ;eric Sent: 2018年8月13日
Dear all Many thanks again to all of you for the smooth and efficient relocation of our dog last week! Everything worked out well and Meimei arrived in Zürich safely and in good health. Best regards Alexander Hoffet
From: 郑佳怡
To: Shelly Guo ;eric Sent: 2018年8月15日
So happy to pick up Huanhuan very smoothly and thanks Carl a lot for making us very easy in receiving Huanhuan. We are now safely back home. Huanhuan is very happy. Thanks Shelly and your colleges as well for switching to alternative plan soonest while United cancelled the flight reservation unexpectedly. I still wish to get something done to upgrade their service quality and effect. Everything is so good now. Best regards, Jenny
From: Lisa Thompson
To: Eric Tam ; Shelly Guo Sent: 2018年8月16日
Thanks to everyone involved in transporting and taking care of Henri and Lili to ensure they arrived safely and in good health in Japan. It’s a great comfort to know they are in good and trusted hands all the way on their journey. Please see pic of them relaxing in their new home. Many thanks again Lisa
From: Phil Clark
To: Daisy Sent: 2018年8月17日
Thanks Daisy Arrived safe and well in Beijing Vincent did an excellent job - thank you for all your assistance Regards
From: Jerome.VIDAL
To: daisy Sent: 2018年6月21日
Dear Christine and Daisy, Thank you very much, Nomé is well arrived at home in good conditions. Christine, could you please send me the updated invoice. Best regards, Jerome
From: Gabriel Lagunes
To: Daisy ;Lorna Sent:
Lorna, Daisy, Milo arrived safe and well home yesterday. Thank you very much for all making sure he was well taken care of during this adventure.
From: Mark Klar
To: Daisy Sent: 2018年8月10日
Thank you for your help - Loki has arrived safe and sound.
From: Kathryn Paterson
To: Daisy Sent: 2018年8月14日
Hi Daisy, The driver was great, he waited for us and then drove the cats to our building so we didn’t have to walk with them in the sun. The cats have settled in now so I wanted to thank you & Globy Pet for your great service. I will definitely recommend you to other people I know with pets! Many thanks, Kathryn
From: Andersson
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2018年2月2日

Hi Shelly, Just returned from the airport to visit Indy. He seems ok, stressed of course, but in one piece and very happy to see us! Thank you for taking care of this - good job!! Best Regards / Venlig hilsen, Frank Andersson
From: Felicity Todd
To: Shelly Guo, eric Sent: 2018年3月21日

Hi All, Just wanted to let you know that Buddy and Little Guy have made it to their new house in Melbourne is great condition and are settling in with our two other dogs really well. Thank you for helping with their journey and making it run seamlessly. Cheers, Felicity
From: Lena
To: Shelly Guo Sent: 2018年3月26日

Dear Shelly, We have arrived safely in France. Thanks for all the help! Best, Lena
From: Zhang Viviana
To: shelly Sent: 2018年4月12日

Dear Shelly and Shirley, Hope this email finds you well. I am just writing to say a huge thank you to both of your teams!!! Dudu has settled down so well in Australia, our whole family is finally back together and we could not be happier! It was a mission impossible but you did it!!! I would highly recommend your companies to everyone I know! I am very happy for you to share our success story if necessary Best wishes for your business~~~ Lots of love from Dudu Kind regards, Viviana
From: Mma Ahiakwo
To: Daisy Sent: 2018年2月23日

Hi Daisy, I finally have access to my email. Thanks for all of your assistance getting Bentley here. Vincent was very helpful! Feel free to teach me here anytime. Thanks! Kind regards, Mma Ahiakwo
From: Seward Jeffrey
To: Daisy Sent:2018年3月28日

Hi Daisy, I just wanted to send a note and say THANKS!!!! All went well! Much appreciated!!! Thanks, Jeffrey
From: Balm Toon
To: Daisy Sent:2018年5月3日

Dear Daisy, Thanks very much for arranging everything with our dogs. All went very smooth and at exactly 3 am we had our dogs delivered at our house. Great service! Well done. I will recommend you to all the dog owners here in our compound! Best regards Toon
From: Algirdas Petrašiūnas
To: Daisy, Eric Tam Sent:2018年5月12日

Thank you for your help and services provided. Even the journey was quite long and tiring, our animals have arrived safe and now enjoying their time in Shanghai. Thank you! Best regards, Algirdas Petrasiunas
From: Glukhova, Mariya
To: Daisy Sent: 2017年10月16日

Hi Daisy – thanks a lot -Molly is back all is well! I appreciate your support throughout the whole process – its been a pleasure! Would you be able also to hep us with the police registration? Best regards, Maria Glukhova
From: Ivonne Darmawan
To: Daisy Sent:2017年10月31日

Cats have arrived safely and happy. Thank you very much
From: shalova_irina
To: Daisy Sent:2017年12月4日

Hi Daisy, Thank you so much. Our cats arrived safe on Saturday. I think the service was really very good and everything went so smoothly. I will keep your contact in case after few years we will be relocating to Europe. Thank you again. Best regards, Irina
From: Alicia Price
To: Daisy Sent:2017年12月10日

Daisy I just want to thank you so much for bringing my pets to me. They are happy and healthy and I couldn't do it without you. Thank you for all your hard work and communication to me. Xx Alicia
From: Jonathan Rose
To: Daisy
Hi Daisy Dudley arrived yesterday, and he has settled in already to his new home. Thank you for your help in coordinating his arrival!
To: Daisy
Sent: 2017年8月12日
Dear Jason, Daisy and Eric, Thank you very much for your efforts, professional and wonderful service, Mei Mei has arrived Shanghai safely and in good condition! Good job everyone!!! Regards, Ing Hou
From: kbelline
To: Daisy
Sent: 2017年8月23日
Hi Daisy, I wanted to send along a note of thanks to you and Vincent for all of the pet transfer services. My cats are happy and safe with us in Beijing. Flying them was stressful but I really appreciated how smooth/quick it went in Guangzhou. Thank you!! Kellie
From: Martita Spadaro
To: Daisy
Sent: 2017年5月25日
Hi Daisy, I write to you to thanks for all your help. Everything result perfect. Vincent was so helpful and kind. I definitely recommend you to other Chilean friends traveling with their dogs. Best regards Martita Spadaro V.
From: Hritik Sampat
To: Lisa Schmidt
Sent: 2017年8月6日
A big thank you to all of you for getting Pippin safely to her new home! It's just too bad that UA did not let us meet her when she reached ABQ, but it's a relief to know that she has reached Santa Fe and is in good hands. Thanks again, Hritik
From: Wong Eric
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2017年8月10日
Dear Eric and All Thanks a lot for all your work and both of them arrived in good shape. Best Regards Eric Wong
From: June Chao
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2017年9月3日
Hi Shelly,, I want to thank you for your help in moving Mickey from China to Switzerland. The process involved was very smooth and no hassle at all. Mickey seems to have experience no trauma and is very happy settling down. It's a wonderful experience and thank you again for all you have done. Best regards, June
From: lianne kruger
To: shelly
Sent: 2017年8月16日
Good morning Shelly, I just wanted to say thanks again for all the help. Both globy pet and Armstrong pet were professional and friendly throughout the whole process and made the traumatic move for Shengi and I so much easier to deal with. Special thanks to you two for always being available and for dealing with all the paperwork, Eric for all the help at the airport in Shanghai, Maniam for all the help at the airport in KL and the daily pictures of Shengi while she was in quarantine. And a very big thanks as well to all the drivers, vets, the people that fed Shengi everyday and anyone else that contributed to helping us move! It's all very much appreciated. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone needing to move their pets. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in this regard. Kind regards Lianne and Shengi
From: hannah maher
To: Shelly Guo
Hi Shelley, We have Scout safely with us! Thank you for your help in getting her home. Hannah
From: Gioseph Reyes
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2017年5月10日
Subject: Gioseph Reyes
Hi Ms. Shelly a pleasant afternoon. We would like to say thank you. Qin Chow has already arrived in Philippines early this morning safe and sound. Thanks for the undying support, all of you were so kind to us qin chow,You, Mr.Will, Sir Eric, all the people in the pet shop (Where he board for 7 days) and even your driver were so nice and kind. Thank you for all the efforts helping qin chow on his first long journey. It's all worth it! We will highly recommend your company and they will never regret it. Dealing with you guys was such a big pleasure! Big thumbs up????????! You never failed us to get all what we need from the very beginning till the end! I hope you can post this message so many people who loves their baby furry will be happy as we are. Big big thanks Sent from my iPhone
From: Mike Chou
To: 'Brent Reiter', Shelly Guo, Kelly Martin, Claudia Chau
Sent: 2017-03-09
Subject: Mike Chou
All's well with Bobbie. Thanks all for the smooth transport. Mike
From: Alexis Goodwin
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2017-04-18
Hi Shelly Have just received Darling at our home , well and happy Many thanks for your help Kind regards Alexis and family
From: Josh Atkin
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2016-10-21
Subject: Josh Atkin
Hi Shelly, Harpo arrived safe and sound. Thanks for all your help. I will definitely recommend. Best, Josh
From: Christoph Abendroth
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2016-10-21
Subject: Christoph Abendroth
Dear All, Tom has just arrived safely at home. A big "Thank you" for all for the efforts and for accompanying him and us on this long journey! Nice weekend! Freundliche Grüße / Best regards, Christoph Abendroth
From: Jeff Williams
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2016-6-21
Subject: Jeff Williams
Shelly, Everything went great with our trip! Thank you so very much and we are almost home. WáWá has done great. She is a world traveler now. We return on July 1 to PVG so I will send the information to Daisy. Great job!! Jeff Williams
From: Yi Wang
To: Shelly Guo
Sent: 2016-10-19 05:29:52
Subject: 豆豆托运
Hi Shelly, 我家豆豆我上午接到了,精神状态非常好。非常感谢你和Eric的帮助! 王艺 10.18

From: Petra Fuhrmann
To: Daisy
Hello Daisy, this is to say a big thank you! Everything went totally fine as planned with having Vincent at Guangzhou airport! Thanks to him and thanks to your prefect preparations it was really easy. I know, I drove you and Eric crazy with my millions of questions beforehand and I am thankful, that you cope with it :-) Now, our family is complete in our new home in Shanghai! Thank you all again and I am surely will recommend your company! Kind regards,, Petra & Falk Fuhrman (and the 3 kitties)

From: Walter
To: daisy
Hi Daisy, I was really pleased with Daisy and her handling of my cat, BeeBee. She helped me every step of the way, and took care of all the logistics. Even after BeeBee was delivered, she was there to help me speak to a vet in my new town, and worked with my new employer to make sure all the paperwork, as well as BeeBee were completed and delivered on-time. I truly appreciate the professional attitude and wonderful generosity she showed to BeeBee and myself. I will be sure to avail myself of her services when we go on our next adventure! All the Best, Walter

From: Matthew Utterback
To: Eric; Vopo Chen; Alice; Emily SH
Subject: Kai & Corbett
All, Thank you for a safe delivery of my dogs. We are all happy and healthy. Dogs arrived well. I am glad you all got everything taken care of and I have all of my vet paperwork as well. Best regards, Matthew Utterback Corbett and Kai

Subject: Thank you!
Dear Alice, Agnes, All Gina is back home and finally ‘free’ to explore our new neighborhood and its surroundings. Thank you all for a very professional and caring service! Best greetings, Corrado

From: Cindy Lin
Subject: Re: Thank you!
Hi Emily, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you to you and your team in globy. Pancake has arrived last week and she is adapting well in the quarantine station. You guys have been so responsive and patient in this whole process, making it so much easier for me to put my trust in you to make it happen. Thank you once again! Cheers, Cindy

From: Janice Cipparrone
To: antonella pergola
Subject: Re: Thank you!
Hello Ms. Pergol, Vopo has sent me an email to let me know Jackie was now at home with you. It was my pleasure to assist you and Mr. Girardi with Jackie's relocation to Shanghai. I hope you enjoy your time in China! Please give Jackie a hug for me! Best Wishes, Janice PET EXPRESS America's Pet Travel Specialists since 1978 PO Box 282715, San Francisco, California, 94128 Phone: 415-821-7111 Fax: 415-468-7610 Emergency contact: 415-290-3443 National Freecall 1-866-PET-MOVE (866-738-6683)

From: antonella pergol []
To: Wednesday, September 03, 2014 6:47 AM
Subject: Thank you!
Dear Janice, I would like to thank you for delivering Jackie door to door, in our case from the US to Shanghai. Today she "knocked" at our door. I found her very well. She doesn't seem to have suffered. She is happy and in good health conditions. I had so many perplexities before the transfer and I was very anxious about it, but everything went smoothly. So thank you again, also for supporting and comforting me during all operations. A special thanks also to your agent in Shanghai, Vopo and to her staff that bring me Jackie home. They are very kind and professional. And thank you to all people who took care of Jackie during the last ten days. Sincerely, Antonella Girardi Pergol

From: Paul Castel
Subject: Re: Olivery and Bert delivery
Vopo and Shaila, Yes, Oliver and Bert are home, safe and sound! Having trouble getting good pictures of them because they're constantly moving around exploring their new home. They are of course also giving us an earful about putting them through such a trip! Oliver looks a little skinnier, but is in very good shape. We are grateful to the authorities in the quarantine office that looked after him so well and were concerned about his wellbeing. It's been quite a relief to know that he was being well cared for during such a trying experience. Thank both of you for doing such a wonderful job of caring for our cats in their relocation. It absolutely reduced a lot of the stress of the situation! Thank you to all your co-workers who assisted in the relocation as wel! Paul

From: Paul Castle
To: DKC Relocations
Sent: 2014-08-06 22:40:52
Subject: Re: Thank You for your Warm Professionalism!
Shaila, Thank you very much for following up on the cats' situation. We really appreciate your diligence. As you can probably tell, Vopo has done a great job at this end in seeing that the cats are getting through the process a smoothly as possible and we expect to have them in our new home in good shape once the quarantine period is finished. As we mentioned in previous conversations, Oliver can be a bit nervous in new situations, so his difficulty after the flight was not overly surprising, if still very stressful for us as well as him. Thankfully, Vopo and the local officials have done an excellent job of caring for him. In the pictures Vopo has provided, Oliver looks to be in pretty good shape for the circumstances, and we expect him to weather the quarantine well. (Although we certainly expect to get an earful from him about his ordeal when he finally is delivered home!) Thank you again for your help. It has decreased our stress level quite a bit! We look forward to being able to send you pictures of Oliver and Bert in their new home! -- Paul Castle Email: Twitter: @DaddyBird Mobile: +971 55 580 1829 On 8/6/14, DKC Relocations wrote: > Hi Vopo, > > That is great news indeed! > > Thanks for the update. > > Shaila

From: Joe Pymar
To: alice
Sent: 2014-08-06 13:46:03
Subject: Re: Thank You for your Warm Professionalism!
Hello Alice We had a long day yesterday, but everything went really well and we have the cats, they are very well and were obviously taken good care of! Thank you so much for all of your help, everything went very smoothly and we are very grateful! Best wishes Joe and Lucy

From: David Dorfman
Sent: 2014-06-25 08:50:00
Subject: Re: Thank You for your Warm Professionalism!
Dear Emily, My cat Moses and I returned after a 12 hour outing to Shanghai in fairly good shape! Seriously, it turned out to be a 12 hour day - - nothing at all to do with you... In fact, I could have been home by early afternoon if there was a train back to Yixing. Unfortunately, the earliest train was at 6 pm, so I had to wait at the train station for over 4 hours... I truly want to thank you for all your help yesterday!! You truly are a professional person who obviously cares about the work you do related to people's domestic animals... You have great empathy skill and courtesy. My cat even thanks you because yesterday was a good "test run" for his trip home this Sunday. He said, "I'm glad I got to practice 12 hours in that stupid carrier yesterday because I'm going to be stuck in it even longer going back home on Sunday!!" (I hope you understand my anthropomorphic humor here)... Anyway, I truly cannot thank you enough and I want you and Eric to know that because of your professionalism and care, I am definitely going to be recommending you to anyone whom I meet who are dealing with bringing their pets to and from China! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday to finish our work. Again, whether we meet at the train station or airport is what is easier for you please... I will arrive on the same train I took yesterday; arrives in Shanghai about 11:15 am I believe. And I will be at the United Airlines terminal at Pu Dong International Airport. My flight is in the late afternoon, so I have plenty of time to get there. I'm going to take a taxi from the train station since I discovered that they do not allow pets in the subway system. Again, THANK YOU!!!! Most appreciatively, David M. Dorfman

From: Globy Pet relocation
To: alice
Sent: 2014-06-18 11:51:09
Subject: Re: Veronique HENDRICKS_Thank you letter
Dear Alice, Below email from Veronique to thank us for the service. Here is the translation of her message: "Good evening Raphaelle We would like to thank you for your help, availibility, kindness & support. You invest yourself to import our dog into China and you took care of him again to return to Europe. Pongo is back to The Netherlands safe & sound. We were very pleased to have you by our side to make sure everything was organized properly with our dog's documents. We would like to thank Alice as well for her efficiency at the airport. Very kind person, we immediately liked her and were very happy that she could also be available again on Sunday morning as our Saturday flight had been cancelled at the last minute. We will defintely recommand you to our expatriates friends so you can also assist them with their pets documents. Thank you again. Sincerely, Veronique" Have a nice day! Thanks & regards, Raphaelle

From: Mark Allott
To: eric
Sent: 2014-01-24 19:45:04
Subject: Re: Thank you
Eric / Emily / Alice Thank you all so much for all your help transporting my 2 cats to London. Xabi & Sweetie arrived safely and are now waiting to travel to Australia very soon. Your patience Eric was much appreciated as I know my dates changed on several occasions. Emily & Alice, you made the process stress free and your efficiency is to be commended. Once again many thanks to you all, Regards Angela Allott

From: Jane Taylor
To: Christine - PETport;
Sent: 2014-01-08 11:54:47
Subject: Re: Thank you
Dear Christine, Eric and Vopo Manythanks for everything you did to get our two precious cats here. Jack and Chloe arrived on Boxing Day - a perfect present for our two little girls and wonderful for the family to all be together. The cats have settled beautifully into their new home and we are so grateful. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Kind regards Michael and Jane Taylor

From: Lizelle Van Den Berg
To: eric; vopo
Sent: 2013-06-17 08:03:21
Subject: Re: Thank you
Dear Weic and Vopo I want to say thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all your help in relocating our pets. It is truly appreciated. You did a fantastic job and it all went smoothly! May your business continue to florish and we wish you the best of luck in future endeavours. I have a friend in Phuket who will be relocating her 5 pets from Phuket to Hong Kong as well and I have recommended she use you as well. Expect an email from her soon. Once again Thank You! With much gratitude. Lizelle Sent from my iPhone

From: Denise Pennings
To: alice
Sent: 2013-05-20 09:44:26
Subject: Fwd
Dear Alice and colleagues, A bit late, but I want to thank you again for arranging the relocation of Toto and Lucky. They both came out of the plane in good shape. They were happy to see us and did not seem scared or anything. We still had to drive home by car for 2,5 hours and that went fine as well. Now they are very happily living with my parents. In the weekend they go to the sea where they can run freely. So I'm very happy we made this decision and if I ever decide to take my other 2 dogs back to Holland, I will surely ask your help again. Best regards, Denise

From: Maxine Kellie
To: vopo; Elsabe - Global Paws
Sent: 2013-05-07 11:43:14
Subject: Re: Re: Maxine #173E
Hi Elsabe and Vopo, I just want to say a big thank you for taking such good care of Charlie! He has just arrived to his new home in Shanghai, he is checking out all the new smells and exploring! I am so happy to have him back with me! Both of you have made Charlie's relocation a stress free experience, you have taken care of my Charlie like he was your pet, and for that I will be forever grateful! I would highly recommend your service for anyone relocating their pet! I hope you have a Purrrrrfect (from Charlie), you have made my day perfect as well! From Charlie and me, a great big thank you! Sincerely, Maxine......Charlie's mom! Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom - let your email find you!

To: eric: Tracy-Globy: vopo: Cindy Song
Subject: Rani and Tarzan Anita Chandran
Dear Eric, Tracy, Vopo, Cindy and Patrick, On behalf of the Chandran-Shankars, I just want to say a very big big ginormous thank you to all of you for making this possible for us. Rani and Tarzan are very big part our family and we are so happy that they are here with us. Once our son comes home for the summer holidays, our family will be complete! Tarzan has settled in very well. Rani has always been a little nervous and is slowly warming up. I've included a picture of them. You came highly recommended and I'm glad we chose you and your team instead of the extremely unhelpful MasKargo team (Malaysia Airlines Cargo). I will use Globy for my next move and will certainly recommend you to people wanting to relocate with their four legged family members. Take care, and keep up the good work. Once again, thank you! Best regards, Anita.

Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 4:16 PM
Subject: Rocky and Rambo
Dear Globy,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch to thank you for your excellent service in assisting with the import of my 2 pet cats, Rocky and Rambo into Beijing, China.
Rocky and Rambo were very happy and well when they arrived after their quarantine period, which was a great sense of relief. I was surprised at how smooth the whole process of travel and import went. It was certainly preparation that was key – ensuring I had all of the documentation you requested before hand. I will be sure to recommend you in future to friend’s colleagues wanting assistance with the import-export of their pets into China.
I guess I will be in touch again in 2 years to help with getting them to their next home……
Nicola M Gardner

Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 10:14 PM
Subject: RE: picking up time
Dear Cindy and Harriet,
Sorry for taking so long to send you some news. Nina and Nuno arrived in Brazil tired, but very calm. When we picked them up in São Paulo, they were not stressed, and this makes us fell very relieved. I was worried about this long journey from China to Brazil, but everything run smoothly. They didn't have any problem to adapt to Brazil and to the new home, they arrived very healthy and safe.
One more time, I would like to thank you all for all support. Without Globy Pet Relocation I'm sure I couldn't make it.
If any new client need any reference from a previous client, I'll be more than happy to be in contact with them.
Thank you very much!
Saudações! Best regards! 热情的问候!Saluti! Saludos!
Paula Viotti Chiari
+ 55 (31) 8208-5353

From: Yadira Ratcliffe
To: Gloria Grundman
Sent: 2012-06-14 09:24:53
Subject: Martini and Phoebe Pet Move
Hello everyone,
Sorry it took me so long to write this email but we have been very busy in getting settled down.
I wanted to let you know that Martini and Phoebe got home in perfect shape and we could not be any happier. Given our past experience with another company (World Care Pet) we were very afraid that our dogs would be neglected even if for a short period of time. However, I can say that we are very satisfied with the service we received.
The day of the departure Eric showed up early with a crew who helped assemble the cages, provide additional water for the dogs and prepare everything for an uneventful trip back to the US. He explained the process to us so we knew what was going to happen. We originally had planned to be with the dogs during the waiting period but unfortunately that same morning we had a fire in our apartment and even though everyone was fine that extended our check out process. However, Eric and his staff were available over the phone every time we called and provided us with updates on the airline process and our dogs. It was nice to hear whether Martini and Phoebe had just gone for a walk and that they were being attended.
After they got to the US, Cristina sent us an email with pictures of the dogs so we could see for ourselves that they were fine, which was really nice. Anthony took care of delivering our dogs to our home. They looked happy and change the bedding, which was a nice touch on their part.
As a comparison I have attached a few pictures of how Phoebe was delivered to us in Shanghai and one of how they were delivered to us in the US.
As you can see, in China Phoebe was delivered in really bad shape, unable to walk and lethargic. She had swollen leg and big sores. Medical exams showed that she in fact had a bad infection on her leg, dehydration, malnutrition and as a consequence her liver had started to fail. The driver who dropped her off couldn't speak a word of English and provided no assistance other than moving the cages. He didn't even seem to acknowledge there was something wrong with Phoebe when I tried to point it out. The vet, however, was appalled as soon as he saw her and so was anyone who saw Phoebe, even after she started getting better. I understand that all the damage happened in quarantine but the company we hired obviously never checked our dogs before delivering them to us or pretended they didn't. A dog in such condition should go straight to a veterinarian without wasting any time. I was new in a foreign country with no car and I had no idea where to take my dog.
On the other hand, coming back to the US our dogs arrived well, you can tell they had been fed and walked. They were not thirsty nor in urgent need to go to the bathroom.
I know I was a very difficult client, but after what happened to Phoebe I promised to myself never to let that happen again. Our dogs are part of this family and provide us with company and love...she definitely deserved better. I appreciate that you guys were always able to ease our concerns in every way possible. If we ever need to use the services of a pet relocation company we will make sure to give you a call again. Thanks to all of you,
From: Terri Gallagher
To: Gloria Grundman
Sent: 2012-05-16 22:57:06
Subject: Quote Needed
am copying Eric from Globy Pet on this email for your friend's information. We have used Globy Pet when we moved Toby from Korea to Shanghai and had a wonderful experience. We have decided to use them again since Eric was one of the few people (I got a few other quotes) that responded to my emails right away, answered all of my questions, quoted a resonable price for what we wanted, and has told me that they have an agent here with an air conditioned van - this fact was very important to me. I would recommend them based upon our past experience and because of Eric who is here in Shanghai. Tell your friend to call him and good luck!
Best, Terri

From: Lin, Patricia E (PatriciaLin)
To:; Emily Globy
Sent: 2012-01-20 10:41:04
Subject: RE: 79677 - Delivery
Jared, Ruby, Pixie, et al.
I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful service you provided in relocating my cat Possum from Houston to Chengdu. Having never traveled further than to the vet’s office before, he’s definitely still a bit shell-shocked by the whole experience, but he arrived healthy and clean and is very curious about his new surroundings. I especially want to thank Jared for coordinating all the logistics and paperwork despite my crazy trans-Pacific schedule and to the team here in Chengdu for working around mixed up phone numbers and my unpredictable work/travel schedule. When it comes time for me to move again, I will definitely be calling you all.
Jared, when it’s convenient for you, will you send me an itemized bill for Possum’s move? Chevron only reimburses the costs of certain expenses associated with moving pets, so I need to be able to present those line items to the relocation group for reimbursement.
Once again, thank you all so much for the very personalized service you provided. Possum, John and I really appreciate it.

From: John VARONKA
To: alice;; Marcel ACE Pet Moving
Sent: 2011-12-02 08:20:31
Subject: THANK YOU!
Dear All,
Rebbecca and I want to thank each and every one of you for your professionalism and successful trans-world move of our pets. They arrived safely last night, each a little thinner than when they left which is to be expected, but they quickly adjusted to their new surroundings and were back to normal quickly.
Of all the elements of the physical move, the pets were the most important to us and from the start, and each you treated them that way, and were very helpful in managing our concern and worries throughout the process. Additional thanks for handling it in such short notice.
We will see you all in three years for our next move!
Very Best Regards,
John and Rebbecca

From: Ewan James
To: Globy Pet Relocation ; Eddy
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 6:36 AM
Subject: Re: Xiao Huang to SA
Dear Emily and Eddy,
Sorry I haven't done this sooner, But I just wanted to let you know how Xiao Huang is doing and also to thank you with all my heart for everything you did to get her over here. I know I was quite a pain half the time, but you were always patient and helpful and I'd recommend you to anyone who is relocating to SA.
Thank you Thank you Thank you,
The little dog was quite troubled when she first got here as she had been through a long trip, quarentine and an extra flight down to Cape Town as well, but she quickly bounced back to her old self, especially once Karen arrived. Now she bounces around again, and is loving the space and outdoors of South Africa. She especially loves the beach, alhtough she was a little scred of it at first.
Anyway, Thanks again for your wonderful service. Please feel free to give my email address to anyone who would like a reference.
Kind and warm regards,
From: Gloria Lin
To: Ruby Fan ; Nathan Andersen
Cc: emily ;
Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2008 8:47 AM
Subject: RE: Dogs to CAN
Dear Ruby/Nathan,
I just want to write to you both to let you know how much I appreciate all of your help in getting my "kids" to China. Ruby was so patient dealing with the custom people yesterday. If you need more references, please do not hesitate to put me on your website and satisfied customer list. If I ever need to move again (I hope not), I will for sure coming back to you!!
Thanks again for everything,
----- Original Message -----
From: Juliann Leonard
To: Raphaelle Muller
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 10:23 AM
Subject: RE: Cat moving
Hi Raphaelle
I am fine. Haven't been to the Portman much lately - too expensive plus the renovation is a drag!
I miss my cat so much already! Emily did a great job organising Geoffrey's move and handling all the details. I haven't yet heard from Calagran Kennels on the other end but am assuming that if I haven't got a phone call that something catastrophic happened that all must be well. Hopefully, I will hear today.
Hopefully, I'll see you around soon and that all is well with you.
Best regards, Juliann
dear ms. luo,
dear emily,
dear lucy,
dear helmut,
sorry that i couldn't write to you earlier but i had to stay at home because of a flew.
lisa arrived on 17th november safely in vienna, helmut did help me a lot with the procedure to get lisa out of the airport cargo.
when lisa saw me she recognized immediately, my father and i took her out of the cage and gave her some food after this we had to go to my hometown (three hours drive), lisa was very quiet and a little bit afraid but when we arrived at home, she drank two bowls of water and ate one big bowl of food, now she is sleeping and eating most of the time and i think she likes her new home!
i really have to thank all of you a lot!
without your help all of this wouldn′t have been possible and i hope that i also can do some thing for you in future.
i especially want to thank ms. luo because i know how much work you had with lisa and me.
i wish you all the best and thank you again for everything!
Alpine Mayreder Bau GmbH
Untertagebau / Tunnelling Division
Alte Bundesstraβe 10
A-5071 Wals-Salzburg
Tel.: +43/662/85 82-461
Fax: +43/662/85 82-460
Gay, Eric, and Emily,
Our baby is back home with us !! She's worn out, but in great shape.
We appreciate your work and the care and love you showed Pearl on her journey.
We would definitely recommend anyone and everyone in Shanghai to use Globy Pet and OAT.
We can never thank you enough,
Thank you,
Vicki and Steve Krause
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