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(1)Globy Pet Relocation will review the export document from the origin country to final destination country
(2)Globy will inform where to get the microchip implant, health certificate, Blood test, destination import permit and EU vet certificate endorsement.
(3)Globy will advise the airlines accept pet travel as an excess baggage.
(4)Globy will liaise and confirm with the airlines for the pet's export document
Please complete the below information and email to
Pet Information
Please note the fields with Red Letters must be completed,while you don't know others.
Address at Origin:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Pet name:
Sex: (Female or Male)
Date of Brith:
Proposed date of travel (dd/mm/yy):
Prefer the way of transportation: (as cargo or as excess baggage)
Approximate weight(with crate): kilograms
Does it have a microchip or tattoo? (Yes or No)
Has it been vaccinated? (Yes or No)
Where was it vaccinated?
Is this Vaccination Record available? (Yes or No)
Do you have a crate for aviation? (Yes or No)
Which measurement is this crate? __ cm x __ cm x __ cm
(long x wide x high)
The condition of health and medication:
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